Pet Microchip Scanner

Pet Microchip Scanner

What Are The Reasons Why You Should Get A Microchip Scanner

For dog owners, losing their pets must be a nightmare for them. For such a reason, they make sure to get them microchipped and even acquire a microchip scanner. This is to consistently check the timeliness of the information on the chip and more. Aside from that, here are the further reasons why they get one:

Knowing the pet’s information

Scanning the microchip presently used in pets only contain identification numbers. However, microchips aren’t GPS devices that can track your pet if they get lost. Although present technology microchip itself does not contain your pet’s medical information, some microchip registration will allow you to store that information in the database for quick reference.

Missing pets

A microchip scanner lets you scan a missing pet, whether you are a dog owner yourself or a manager in an animal shelter. If they find a microchip and the microchip registry has accurate information, they can quickly find the animal’s owner.

Scanning for microchip manufacturer

Scanners also show the microchip manufacturer where the microchip was implanted. Therefore, the likelihood that an animal cannot be identified from its microchip number is very low – that is unless your pet’s microchip has not been registered or the information is not accurate. Any database with which your register your pet’s microchip needs to be regularly updated and the critical database to keep up-to-date is the one maintained by the microchip manufacturer.


Whether you work in an airline, train, or ferry, it’s important to have a quality microchip scanner. It’s the law to check people’s pets before they go to other countries. Pet owners may also have to bring their own microchip scanner when they travel – just make sure that it is of the highest quality and meets the ISO standards. Their pet could be refused entry or put into quarantine if its microchip cannot be read by their scanner when they enter or return to the UK.

Know if the pet is microchipped

If you rescued or bought your pet from a breeder, you might have been given some documents to confirm your pet’s microchip number. You can simply purchase a microchip scanner to check if there is a chip implanted or none.

Know if details are up-to-date

One of the benefits of a microchip scanner is to check the number given on the specific pet chip. This would enable you to find out who your pet is registered to and log in online or contact the company over the phone to check or update your details.

For test samples

Microchip scanners have other uses aside from reuniting lost pets with their owners. Reading the unique identification number on them thru scanners would enable veterinarians to test samples for inherited diseases. They can be important in legal cases where a pet’s ownership might be called into question. They also allow owners to be contacted in the sad event of a pet that has been hit by a car.

However, if the microchips are not updated, having a quality microchip scanner is useless. This is because it’s vitally important that the details attached to them are kept up to date. All that a microchip provides when scanned is a 15-digit number, if the information attached to this number on the database isn’t up to date, making contact virtually impossible.

Feel relieved

When a pet goes missing, the feelings of fear and concern that come with the experience is something no owner should have to go through. The majority of pet experts must have a microchip scanner as people who save these animals will likely go to their office for a scan. This also solves the issue of ownership as microchips allow pet owners to prove that the animal is indeed theirs. But it’s also great to have your own too.

Almost everyone loves dogs, so it’s just right to keep them safe, secured, and protected at all times. While a microchip scanner isn’t a GPS tracker, it can certainly help a dog find their way home with just a quick scan. Aside from that, there are still more reasons why you should consider getting one which is mentioned above. By considering all of those, deciding whether to buy one is now easier. Just make sure to acquire one from a reliable seller, so you can get the best out of the money you’re investing in it.